Belly - Moment of Silence (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "See You Next Wednesday"

Текст песни / Караоке: Moment of Silence

Yeah, yeah

They say the first million the hardest to make
I say it's the hardest to keep
I pop my collar 'cause I am a dog off the leash (Ooh)
My OG a God in these streets (Amen)
I can't partake in your fraudulent beefs (No)
We know you talk to police (You talk to police)
The devil's a lie, ah, that go against all my beliefs
Hol' up, my life did a 180 (180)
Ironic, you counted, that's 360 (Uh)
Took a L when these hoes tried to D-list me (Woo)
Stole my shit when they could've just remixed me (Remixed mе)
Remixed me, hol' up
Easily, I got thе freakiest freak when she [eat me?]
Two different hoes, two different flows out the regency (Ow)
Don't act like you never needed me
Uh (Woo), two drops in my water, I fly to Vanali
I just wanna stack up 'til I got enough to go disappear on my own private island
You probably think that I'm crazy, you think that Belly is wildin'
I had to give rappers a moment of silence

Fuck man, I'm not goin' back here again
Uh, what the fuck? Tuesday will be your day
Oh, here we go, your day of reflection
But Wednesday will be your day of reckoning
No, I ain't doin' this (On a Tuesday—)
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, this shit smooth
What the fuck is goin' on with this fuckin' signal, man?
Stay on the lake, huh-huh-huh
Oh my God

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