BONES - ChatLog (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "InLovingMemory"

Текст песни / Караоке: ChatLog

[Verse 1]
I know what you said, BONES got the chat logs
Off with that, act hard, I see through that act, oh, oh
In the Vette, oh, oh
Breakin' necks
I died on the cross, I live with regrets
See em' chasing after checks
Me, I never break a sweat
Feet up at the finish
Breakin' bones to the neck
I light when it's dark, I like when it's dark
Night vision with precision, up the pipe in the dark
Trees weep when I walk
Birds drop when I talk
Clouds part when I park my Merc up in the lot
Have peace where they not
I'm clean off the block
I leave, they bleed, I seize through the plot (What?)
Should've never tried me, seen me in that light, freeze
Put them on hold, have ya on the other line, please
Rocks in the time-piece, two Glocks, Siamese
You are now tuned to the last of the dying breed (Yeah)

Fuck, what?
[Verse 2]
Really could give a fuck less if it ain't 'bout SESH
Died, made a cross, it on my neck, got that anger up on my chest
I need to get it off
Young juvy with that toolie
Watch me set it off
I'll be the best involved
Time blind from the shine, rollie rock, it hit rewind
Slo-mo, fofo, BONES on the alpine
Recline, lay back
Fourty-five on my lap
That ain't this and this ain't that
And when I say it, that's that

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