GoldLink - Extra Clip (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "HARAM!"

Текст песни / Караоке: Extra Clip

[Intro: GoldLink]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Woah, yeah, yeah, ah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: GoldLink]
Where all my real niggas? Pop, pop a seal
Pop a bitch, had a bitch, told that bitch I'm done with this
Hold up bitch, I don't fuck, fuck around with the shits
We can fight, I don't care, shoot yo' whip, what's the deal bitch?
Yeah, real niggas fear me, huh, you don't fuck?
Hold up bitch, you don't fuck? Fuck around, that's a dub
Want the diamonds, want the truck, want the coupe with the truck
If she wanna fuck me and the crew, shut the fuck up
Bitch, I don't fuck, she a freak, I'm so bright
She cannot see, got the Glock right by my knee, keep it tight
I don't show up in the day, only show up at night
I don't show up in the day bitch, I only come at night
That's alright, fuck on mе, fuck on them, that's alright
That's alright, check the shoе, it's so blue like my juice
Racks on racks, 'Bachs on 'Bachs, bad bitch ass, Maybach back
Got no tag, niggas gon' ask, I don't give a fuck about a nigga that rap, ah!

[Verse 2: NLE Choppa]
Ridin' in a Hommy with my Tommy, tryna turn into a gummy
And you know that we be wrappin' niggas up just like a mummy
He get shot, it execute him, so I hit him like a zombie
They askin' will I kill again, I'll do it for some money
Whole team steady ballin', bitch, we comin' like the Sonics
Ten-piece, some fire to the face, five to the chest, I gave him crumpies
Thirty shots up in this Drac', he keep on runnin', I keep dumpin'
They tellin' me to stop shootin', but the bullets keep on comin'
Bitch, you know how we be comin', we turn brains into salami
Regular clip in my glizzy, bitch, I wanna put a hunnid
Put a switch up on that bitch and make it, "Blrrp," it be stutterin'
If he talk down on my man, I swear to God I keep my brethren
[Outro: NLE Choppa]

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