GoldLink - Spit On It (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "HARAM!"

Текст песни / Караоке: Spit On It


Yeah big chopper leave a nigga wappin'
Had a nigga ask who done it uh
DC that's my ends
You finna ask who run it uh
Big smile go bank wow
Big bank baby that's hundreds huh
Blue dicky wi the blue skully I'm still hood full blooded huh
Window tinted wi the wiper tinted
I don't need to spend it but I'm so expensive
Had to call my lawyer when I get defensive
Highest nigga in the fuckin' buildin'
In the ends I got the youngers drillin'
And they make the moves before the church and turn to niggas hangin' in the new Mercеdes
I don't do the tinted you can see who in it
Black ballin' yеt I'm top wid it
Pop off then it's top spinnin'
He go fit it wi the knots in it
All my women never show they face but they fall from grace wi the perfect waist
I got perfect taste Fire! bussed his case
You know just incase
Had a hundred stashed up in a Louis case
It ain't for debate
I'm the greatest rapper in the true world livin'
Lot of niggas fully bitchin' 'bout
Who the greatest out?
I ain't gotta say it I just shut my mouth
Push to start, candy paint
Niggas really wi the window space
Scared of death? Never scared
Watch it here would you dare?

I don't wanna be the leader ooh ooh
I don't wanna be the leader ooh ooh
There's something 'bout how you never round when there's no one around
Your heads in the clouds
I'm never tryna bring you down
Cos I need you up there, stay up there
I love it when you look back at me like
What the fuck do you want?
What you lookin' at? A oh oh
And my lovin' doesn't come with receipt
Cos I don't give a fuck? Here you go
I don't want it back nah oh oh
If you are ready to see
Welcome back here in time
Too much anxiety
This time I'll be with you
This time I'll be with you

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