GoldLink - Wild and Lethal Trash! (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "HARAM!"

Текст песни / Караоке: Wild and Lethal Trash!

[Intro: Fire!]
Big boy in the black tracksuit
Goldlink with the neck tattoo
I'm from South where they back you
Big bankroll was a mad yute
I don't dance no shak-u
Might get my yutes to shack you

[Verse 1: GoldLink & Fire!]
Bad B wanna roll through, yeah
Come through girl mans here, yeah
Bring two friends for the mandem, uh
Pull up the whip right here, yeah
I don't like no snitch, yeah
Mans ain't never been a bitch, yeah
Snitch is a bitch 'round here and I don't take kind, 'cause I don't switch, switch
Fifty round like Rambo, uh
When I knife I knife slow
I don't like to fight though
So I never wife hoes
Slash, slash klink, yeah
That's what I did for your mink, yeah
Only rеspect my real G's
Big Jay Worth and shh-shh
Fuck what you thought, what you think, yeah
Punch up a nigga likе bink, bink
Real big king of this rap shit, yeah
When I drop it's a bat hit, yeah
Spankings, whoopings, slashings, yeah
All three things you had them
Beef is beef and a mad ting
Beef when it's beef it's a mad ting
Real bad ting truss
[Bridge: Santigold]
Turn you up
Anyway, see them comin' but I stop them dead (Been here for a minute)
They can keep comin' but stop them dead
Do you really wanna go at me? (Now you in my house, oh, no)

[Verse 2: GoldLink & Santigold]
Lock off the ting
Hammer in my shoulder ting
Make you do the shoulder lean, might make my man hold the ting
(Been here for a minute, oh, oh)
Young niggas ride with the strap and they don't shoot shit, I don't get what's that?
Niggas really died like that
And we don't really ride like that (Tell you what)
Alhamdulillah, all facts
I don’t never use no cap
Need Halle Berry in BAPS
How many times do I have tell niggas that I am best in rap?
Hate all the bullshit raps, uh
I don't wanna name no names
But everybody know I'm back, back
I don't give no fuck bout this
Look, how I walk like this
How many niggas this young, this good, can even fuckin talk like this?
How many niggas you know like this?
Wrist so froze, frostbite my wrist
I'm top one in a top ten list
HARAM, all year, I'm back, I'm back, bitch

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