James Blake - Frozen (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "Friends That Break Your Heart"

Текст песни / Караоке: Frozen

[Intro: James Blake]
I've been losing all of my mind
They tell me I'm too hard to find
Tell me, am I?
How can that be true if you're mine?
Hopin' I'll be chosen
Body's so stooped, you'd think that I'd been frozen
You'd think that I'd been frozen
You'd think that I'd been

[Verse 1: JID]
Huh, yeah, hypothermia, my hyperbole
Feel like Serbia, I shot Hercules
I'm a murderer
Dirty-thirty, I can make it dirtier
Urgent surgery or Hershey hearse
.50-cal in the Virgil murse
Fifty thou', that's a turtle verse
When I get around (When I get around)
If I find the time, I ain't busy now but (Busy now)
A typical day, a temperature drop
A flick on a tool, a bitch ass cop
Grippin' a tool, but we ain't watchin' Home Improvement
Cole/JID vid, my influences bought the views in
Writin' my woes, send a kite through the institution
Fighting a cold, he got life, but he twenty-two, shit
Twenty-two below, only two-one, sell six buy eight
Forty-eight square feet
Give or take, that's weak
They tried to tell me choose that or the street
Or you be dead or somethin' stupid
I don't know what the Head said
Test a nigga, what came first, the chicken or the egg?
Fuck I care, unless who's splitting the thigh or a leg?
Kool-Aid red, there's snowin' on the bluff and Bouldercrest
Lift the pole north at your nose and open gifts
Check a nigga temperature froze
Blood tricklin', meltin' the snow
I'm numb so I never felt it before
[Chorus: James Blake]
By my wall I, I feel it all
(You'd think that I'd been frozen)
Yes, I won't lie, just come closer
(You'd think that I'd been frozen)

[Verse 2: SwaVay & James Blake]
Lately, I've been feeling like I might've lost my mind
Only thing that I got in this life is time
The bottom line ain't nothin' worse than time with an idle mind (Yeah, uh)
They talk to me crazy like I ain't that (Uh, yeah)
Still watching my pockets like they ain't fat (Uh, yeah)
Stop calling me crazy, but when in fact I got my hand on the gat the other on rap, before 'rona was wearin' mask
Me and JID brought James to Atlanta
Took him to JJ's and had him turnt by the end of the day
End up hittin' the lick for two nights and then went to the banks
Stop by the Texaco on Gresham, shawty shot up the tank
I looked at in the spell, he didn't catch his gun in the air
Then he ended my life and shot JID in the back of his head
He killed us both, but did he do it?
Maybe I'm the one who had the gun?
Or maybe I made it up?
Okay, maybe you're right, I am crazy, I'm sorry
Or maybe I'm not?
Maybe I'm just adolescence that's made in a box?
(By my wall I)
Cobain with the park in Atlanta, stayed in the park
And I'll kill you, fuck if I'm famous and not crazy
An' I'm feelin' all by frostbite, feet in the snow
Now Hotlanta don't feel so hot anymore
(I feel it all)
Now I'm frozen, neck frozen
My girl bad, my sex frozen, neck open
(You'd think that I'd been frozen)
Ice in my lungs now
Too far from the sun now, yeah
[Chorus: James Blake]
Yes, I won't lie
Just come closer
You'd think that I'd been frozen

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