K CAMP - Check My Stats (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "FLOAT"

Текст песни / Караоке: Check My Stats

Bobby that s*** hard

Check my stats
I done got it out the mud, baby
Know this shit gettin crazy, Patrick Swayze
Me and her was all good till she lost the baby
I ain't cheatin bitch I love you, fuck them allegations
I'm in Blue Flame, eatin me a salmon salad
Go to war for my guys cause I know they valid
I ain't never been on Ellen or Jimmy Fallon
But I'm locked in in the culture, dealing with this madness
I just came in here to eat, but these racks still loaded
She gon fuck on everybody that hoe can't control it
She ain't got her shit together, Ima have to avoid it
In '08 we did it big, now we go enormous
She gon suck up every drop, love how she performing
Spend them racks when I shop, I take a mirror pic
I turned up on these pussys they can't stand it, Aye
Can you manage, I am not from this planet, Aye
I am damaged but also I'm outstanding, aye
Hit me up on iOS
Fuck with Khaled, but I disagree cause We Da Best
Heard you dissin on the low just get it off your chest
Heard you dissin on the, huh...it don't matter
We gon get the check and count it faster
Dirty bastard, I got liq and percocet in my bladder
Brand new chapter
They thought I was done, now who laughing
Toronto Raptor, baby, yes, I'm ballin just like Magic
For the cash going ape, no emoji
The way I pearled this blunt, it's a rollie pollie
They know that I shine, yeah I shine like Cody
Bitch you know you fine, but you lying OD
Check my stats
Me and her was all good till he lost the baby
I'm in Blue Flame
I ain't never been on Ellen or Jimmy Fallon

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