Leon Bridges feat. Ink - Don't Worry (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "Gold-Diggers Sound"

Текст песни / Караоке: Don't Worry

We been runnin' round covered in gas, playin with matches, ohh
We've been runnin this thing, runnin' it down, down
Sweetly talkin' but you and I both know
Keep on runnin it down, a world that we ignored

I don't have much but I give you love
I used to say the kind of stuff
Like a broken clock, stopped givin you time
Now you're takin your love to another guy
Tell me what he gone do what he gone do
How he gonna make sweet love to you
And um if he hurts you know I'm runnin him down, runnin him down

Don't worry 'bout, don't worry about me
Don't worry 'bout, don't worry about me

Been a few months since I called your phone
I ain't mad but I'm movin on
Yeah I gotta new lil thing in fact
Nothin wrong, it's in the past

Don't worry bout, don't worry about me
Don't worry bout, don't worry about me

Shut you out you know I tried
Said I got over you but I lied
Morning love and morning fights
I miss it all
Said you went down to Corpus
I miss you in the doorway
Stayin up all night
Silly silly me

It wasn't just one time
Baby, I been livin with your lies too long
Callin past midnight, having to pick you up on my way home
I don't mind if you get a little wild
I just ask that you be there for me
Cause you had been slippin for a while
And I needed to find someone to give me what I need

Don't worry bout, don't worry about me
Don't worry bout, don't worry about me

I've been runnin from myself but there's something different this time
Every other night you got my mind runnin wild

Take me on a slow ride
Park the car and stay inside
Can't forget your kisses sweet
Remember how your body be
Always were the perfect fit
I know how you like it
Sip it down like moonshine
Hold you in the moonlight
No one sees me like you babe
Let your tears roll down my face
I don't wanna go back
Girl don't do him like that
Okay then I have to leave
Don't worry bout me

Don't worry bout, don't worry about me

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