Nicki Minaj f/ Lil Herb - Chi-Raq (Текст и слова песни)

Текст песни / Караоке: Chi-Raq

[Verse 1 - Nicki Minaj:]
 Ain't yelling cut when it's shooting time
 Sign up, it's recruiting time
 Big wigs with a suit and tie
 And them big things got two inside
 Fuck wrong with these ho niggas?
 I dont do coke, I don't blow niggas
 I don't tell niggas, I show niggas
 And it's never less than like 4 niggas
 4 wings and some french fries
 Hot sauce and ketchup nigga
 He telling and he hiding but real niggas will still catch a nigga
 I cop Raris, I don't test drive em
 Home theaters, can't best buy em
 These niggas that I roll with don't let a single thing get by em
 King pins and them drug lords
 Chi-town no gun laws
 Broke bitches that talk shit, now them the bitches I stunt for
 Malcolm X daughter came at me
 Looking ass niggas ain't happy
 Rolled out with some Latin Kings and some eses and them plain khakis
 Smack bitches, no smack cam
 Closed fists, no back hands
 Pop pussy on a hand stand, they sucking dick like it's band camp
 Call Web and then call Nitty
 Queens niggas in it's all hoodies
 Kidnapping and then rob niggas
 Call D-rock for a biggie
 Pussy ass lil rap niggas
 I fucked with real trap niggas
 Pop star, icon but I send niggas come snatch niggas
 I'm with EBK, you on EBT
 Got a black nine, call it BET
 School niggas get a GED
 And I tease niggas make em B.E.G
 Got a money fetish, imma fly to Venice
 Got a big house I can play some tennis
 Lil herb, what's good?
 I'm a bad bitch and I fuck good

[Hook - Lil Herb:]
 Know a couple niggas that's down to ride for a homicide
 When it's drama time
 Run up on a nigga with the llamas flyin
 Leave his loved ones all traumatized
 One-fifty I'm really wit' it
 I'll drop his ass and then forget it
 I'm the man round my side of town
 Might see a bitch and forget I hit it

[Verse 2 - Lil Herb:]
 I'm a young nigga I be getting money
 Take your bitch from you
 And these niggas get no respect
 I'mma stay 100 till im 6 under
 Matter fact I gotta keep it 150
 For every nigga that's gon come with me
 I'm on rock block with a new semi and a blue Bentley and do 160
 Smoke a lot a of weed
 Like fuck gimmicks, put a dutch in me
 Got a 40 on me, I don't trust any
 And if any nigga ever try to end me
 I'mma die shooting praying God forgive me
 You too busy hating you can't get no paper, why are ya'll so silly?
 Straight killers I can call so many
 I don't love no bitches but my mom, my sister, my gun and Nicki
 I'm in Hollywood came from Kingston Food
 Shorties standing in the streets with tools
 Where I'm from we don't play no games
 Ain't no April fools, you will make the news
 Where I hang we don't say no names
 If you talk to cop I stay away from you
 Keep your mouth shut in them investigations
 You'll be out the station in a day or two
 Dedication and a little patience
 Leave the domination on my way to greatness
 Don't put yourself up in a situation
 Putting my relations in your conversations
 Shoot a opposition with no hesitation
 You get my position nigga better take it
 Know some young bulls from a while back
 Tryna leave the game but they never made it
 I got old shit, killing your shit
 On a couple tracks i just never played it
 Pussy nigga you don't want war I got old clips bitch I'm Baron Davis
 Pussy nigga you don't want war I got old clips bitch I'm Baron Davis

[Hook - Lil Herb]

[Lil Herb:]
 Gang, gang, gang shit man you already know I'm rocking man.
 This is G Herbo shout out Nicki Minaj you know man.
 SB just gave me the nine with the green, Beans just gave me the green light.
 Letting niggas have it man we pulling up anywhere wetting shit man.
 Got 50s in them Tecs, 50s in them Mecs man, 30s in them Glocks.
 17 shot Berettas all that shit man. Sawed offs, pumps man what you want?
 How you want it, where you want, where you want it, lets get it.
 And I ride Dolo from state to state even when I ain't 150 man Chiraq all the way to Queens, lets get it

[Nicki Minaj:]
 Uh-huh I always got a trick up my sleeve.
 I might give you a new trick every week till this album drop, I don't know.
 I figured they want some more, I'mma give you some more.
 Ask Web if I wasn't taking them trips, what up nigga?