$UICIDEBOY$ - Bleach (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "Long Term Effects of SUFFERING"

Текст песни / Караоке: Bleach

[Intro: Trap House Scrim]
Pull the trigger, Budd Dwyer, hahaha
(Pull the trigger, Budd Dwyer)
(North, North) Haha, you mad (Northside)
(In this bitch, Lil Cut Throat) Yeah-yeah
(Time to go back to speak that lingo)

[Verse 1: Trap House Scrim]
I'm back in this bitch like a menace (Yeah, menace)
Running these hoes just like tennis (Tennis)
Fuck what you thought of my image (What?)
Blocka-block-block-block, blah
Semi-auto with the scope (Scope)
I'm back in this bitch with the cult (What?)
I'm back in this bitch with the phonk (What?)
Scrim back in this bitch, better know
I'm back and I'm hatin' and plottin' (Huh?)
Back and I'm scopin' with robbers (Yeah)
Come back and then jaws get to droppin' (Droppin')
Come hard when you step in my yard
Scammin', give me your card (Uh, what?)
Off of a couplе them bars (Huh?)
Choppa ki-ki-ki-kick it (Huh?)
Auto f-f-f-spitting (Grrah)
Talkin' a lot of that guala (Guala)
From the esеs to the shottas
Lil Wetto with yoppas
Get my pills straight from the doctor
Off of the jump with my shit (Yeah, pop-pop)
Offer the dump off my hip (Yeah-yeah)
Fifty shots like I'm back in the crack (Yeah-yeah)
Smoking that pack off the jack (Yeah-yeah)
[Bridge: Trap House Scrim]
OD slowly
OD slowly, OD slowly
OD slowly, OD slowly (Slowly)
OD slowly, OD slowly (Ho)

[Interlude: Spooky da Scary]
Stop telling me what to think
Stop telling me what to think
Stop telling me what to think
Stop telling me what to think
Stop telling me what to think
Stop telling me what to think (Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions)
Stop telling me what to think, to think
Stop, stop telling me, stop telling what to think
(Assumptions always being that)
Stop, stop telling me what to think (Stop)

[Verse 2: Spooky da Scary]
I have become what I hate
Sad to say I saw this coming from miles away
Too bad that it ain't a race
Coughing my lungs out, stuck in last place
Always in bad shape, blunt to the face
I want all the smoke, let me get a fucking taste
What the fuck you gotta say? Yung Plague untamed
Yung Plague got nothing to hide
Now, I've never been one for pickin' sides
But I choose $uicide
Yeah, I reject almost everything 'bout this new world
I reject all the people inside (Fuck 'em)
They can run, they can hide
They can swim, they can fly
But I'll hunt 'em day and night
For the rest of my life just to watch 'em die
Then shed tears like a crocodile
All the while my chopper smile
Bite the bullet, that's not my style
Belly full of lead and stomach bile
You thought that your life would be worthwhile
Just another fucking rank-and-file (Bitch)
First came school, then you got a job
Now your fucking bitch is walking down the aisle
Safe neighborhood for the domicile
Redoing the kitchen, picking out new tiles (Ayy)
Don't touch that fucking dial (Ayy)
Let's see what's on TV!
World War III in a couple hours (Ayy)
But at least, the house is clean (Ayy)
Bodies will be piled for miles and miles
But the maid service was free, uh

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