The Weeknd - All Day Love (Текст и слова песни)

Текст песни / Караоке: All Day Love


You lookin' sexy, yeah (uh)
I make you want it now (yeah)
I got all for love
I wanna make you know
You [?] for love
You got that all day love
You lookin' good tonight
I got that all day love
You lookin' [?]
I make it easy love
An' if you wanna say
I'll make it [?] love
I mean it, die for love tonight
I make you want to love
In the whole world, yeah (yeah)
Take me love, I wanna see you love
Baby girl, won't you [?]
See where my money go
Higher, be girl, you [?]
Beefin' about your set
Tellin' me 'bout your love
When I hold you, got [?]
When I feel you, got back your love
I wanna take you for love
I wanna be [?], you know
I been [?]
Baby, we been [?] too late
Yeah, oh, you thought
Yeah, all day love
I take this
I wanna [?], yeah
I [?]
I [?], yeah
I got enough
I take all [?], yeah
I wanna make you, mhm
I wanna take, mhm, no
I wanna take it, mhm
To [?], to go
I see, baby
Who are you to call my name?
I can't love you
Tell me if you call my name
I wanna take you, love, before
I wanna take you before
I wanna hold you, hold you, hold you before
I wanna lay you down before
I wanna take you, mhm

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