Arcane Roots - Landslide

Текст песни: Landslide

[Verse 1]
Landslide, were you waiting for the people to be worse off?
Do they fall unto you equal in the dirt?
In the dirt

[Verse 2]
Landslide, will you show them something like they've never heard of?
Will you make them fear the reverence of your word?
Of your word
Of your word

I feel the floodwaters less
Waiting for a moment to help
Crippled by the weight in your chest
But I pray for it

I feel it coming and coming and we are fallen again
I feel it coming and coming like we are one and the same
I feel it coming and coming and coming...

What if our Gods were the same, waiting for something more?
It's like we're caught in the way, hopeless to carry on
Don't think I'll ever forget all that I ever saw, and all I let carry on

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