Behemoth - Angelvs XIII

Текст песни: Angelvs XIII

Ye prophets ov Eucharist
My praise shall climb to your decline
May rust corrode on Michael's sword
Recession ov the progeny divine
Come forth ye!
Preachers ov imminent death
Let loose the mighty beasts upon
(Dammnatio and Bestiam!)
Bring an end to this decrepit world

Countless my legions
Many my name
A thousand descendants
A goat ov mendes

Come forth ye!
Heralds ov ruin
And mute to dust their anaemic ways
Futile Relic ov an utopian age
King ov kings recrucified
What an ignominous end!
El shadda!
Woe unto thee
O Galilean god
Be thou ashamed
Woe unto thee
To aeons i curse!

Countless my legions
Many my name
A thousand young
A goat ov mendes

For i am my christ over myself
The accused became the accuser
For i am Satan incarnate
Serpent ov old immaculate!