Bones - AccountBalance

Текст песни: AccountBalance

They said shoot your shot and I shot it
Invested in gold and I'm stopping
Ask me to show you my balance
That's a whole lot of money allotted
Don't be all up in my pockets
And bitch do not question the process
I can show you how to do it
But promise you can't do it like us
H-E-double hockey sticks, my home I crawled up out of it
Fullmetal that weapon transmutates your bones like alchemist
Move to the breeze wherever it may flow
Move with the team wherever they may go
Put it down, stamp my name in this game
Since the day I turned to Bones, it ain't never been the same
Since we got it on our own, think I got the right to brag
But I'll leave that to these little rappers, small like they bags
Do not buy none of their lies, they just some tall tales
Little men with insecurities, too fucked to tell you
Got me sorry for you, I'll get therapy for you
Money make you what you always wanted, just a yuppie toy
I'm feeling sympathetic, you got me empathetic
The loudest ones have always been the worst and the most pathetic
But what do I know
I'm just a ghost
Hair hanging down my back, razor blade in my coat

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