Bones - Aluminum

альбом "Burden"

Текст песни: Aluminum

Hey, hey
Give me the pack, no time to weigh it up (weigh it up)
Bringing it back now watch me wake 'em up (Wake 'em up)
See me around, they like "there he go" (there he go)
Putting it down by your stereo (stereo)
I get my fix and then I bounce out
I hit the switch and make 'em bow down
He just a bitch and he ain't bout what I'm bout

Put it on and Imma take it home
My body feeling like a vacant home
Nobody wanna come help me, they rather burn me down
Look at my mind, just bent aluminum
Look at the time, say I don't know ya'
I don't wanna go back
I don't wanna go back

I know my time ain't running out make me dangerous
No don't ask, get no pass, you can't hang with us
In the past, I was cash, I ain't changed a bit
Think of Bones, when she dream, she pray to me
Walking on thin ice
I think "Don't mind if I do"
Remember all these nights I pulled you close and told you
I won't be around
I won't always hold you down

My neck Illuminated
And the hooptie candy painted
Made me a little bit of change
But I never thought of changing
I don't feel right
The woods don't peel right
'Bout to lose my head
Run straight in a field like

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