Bones - BaptizeMeInTheSmoke

Текст песни: BaptizeMeInTheSmoke


Titanium pressed against your cranium
Deadboys decaying just to end up slaying 'em
Bitch no we do not know your songs, we never playing 'em
Boy your chain is not what you think, that shit uranium
Chain in the grave and I'm switchblade glazing
I'm undertow to them, aggressive there's no saving them
I went on vacation and I came back with more than
I have ever seen in my life, that's one tour shit
Whole game flawed, but SESH flawless
So let the whole game lie, while SESH honest
Tell me why everyone long to be the same
Look, sound, act, everyday every way
I cannot relate to the shit that's popping
The words that they speak says nothing about me
Playing with the knives lose you eye like Ralphie
You and yours will starve running round for that clout shit
I don't go out bitch Bones, stay in (in)
Dwelling in the dark till the new moon begin (begin)
Razor on my palm, let me show you the precision (phew)
Since the beginning been kicking it, now my neck is a river

Baptize me in the smoke
I will bless for the power to roll
Baptize me in the smoke
I will bless for the power to go


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