Bones - Brimstone

альбом "Burden"

Текст песни: Brimstone

[Verse 1: Bones]
Got out the grave and walked away
How am I planning to talk today
Putting the game on lock today
And listen to what I am telling you (What?)
Bones is switching it up, I did
Bones be fucking it up, I guess
You cannot beat him boy I am the only one
You are the lesser, man I am the chosen one

[Hook: Bones]
Flicking off the ash
I'm a figment of the past
When I pass, all I ask
Is put my body in the trash
Came from the muddy (Woo)
I'm forever nothing (Woo)
Beautiful night sky
I'm rolling up some ugly (SESH)
I could fit your house inside my house like five times
I give him four shots now that pussy got five lives
I'm Livewire, live from the place where the time dies
The clock don't tick, and the humans will lie (Lie)

[Chorus: Bones]
I'ma get it how I get it
I'ma move, I'ma move
I'ma get it how I get it
I'ma slide when I'm ready
I'ma get it how I get it
I'ma move, I'ma move
I'ma get it, how I get it, how I get it

[Verse 2: Xavier Wulf]
Fuck whatever you got to say
I'm sipping, and dipping, and enjoying my day
Suckers hate 'cause they ain't in my lane
You broke, and you hating, go fall into place
Who? Bitch, get the fuck out my face
I'll get it, and spend it up all in a day
Penthouse where I'm making the plays
Spent a clean hundred thousand on J's
Six cars, bitch all of 'em paid
Rude Dog, nigga all in the way
.350 blow 'em out of the way
Bag 'em and tag 'em
I'm not here to play
Head first, nigga, I do not wait
Clean cut, run it straight to the cake
Merch sales going up by the day
Suckers mad, I'ma show 'em the way
Get it by yourself, like I did, bitch
I won't ever try to help, I hope you flop, bitch
This weed I be smoking smell like skunk shit
HollowSESH will get you killed in that moshpit
You bitch
Who nigga

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