Текст песни Bones - ByTheSkinOfMyTeeth

Слова песни: ByTheSkinOfMyTeeth

I bet my whole check, might rip that
SESH put it to ten, quit, dismiss that
Whatever dreams may bring yeah, we get that
Whatever it take to be great, we did that
Check-mate, it's your turn
Think twice, smoke three 'fore I help you to learn
Fee-fi-fo-fum, who dare to disturb
The giant lurking in the dark, long hair I was stunned
Back in the days
Rag to the face
Back to the wall
The trash was my fate
Escaped somehow by the skin of my teeth
Even though I was frozed like the rims on the jeep
E-Break through the snow, pull up we be
Seven days just past, I think we need we sleep ('eep-'eep)
I think we need a sleep, seven days past, I think we need a sleep

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