Текст песни Bones - Disinfected

Слова песни: Disinfected

Catacomb creep, buried last week
But I came back just to witness your defeat
Worms in my teeth, mud on my body
Used to ride shawty with my hand on the shotty
Dial 5-1-7
Before the next 7 if you trying to get connected (what)
Don't look in the attic
I don't need an extra case while I'm running through the madness (SESH)
To clean can't miss it, CloroxBoy two blunts disinfected
Weeping willows steady hanging
Set the mood perfect, I just hope it start raining
You shot you shot and you missed (brick)
I step in quick and go swish (bitch)
I go so swish they don't tic-tic
Our shows be like [?] god damn [?]
Checking this shit off my wishlist
Tell me one person that's this-this
Deal with these kids like "tisk-tisk!"
They know my position is infinite
Never get low cause I always re-up
This is what dreams are made up of and I am Hillary Duff
Bum and a youngin, and I'm about to erupt
I suggest it's on eggshells around me you walk
Better be a sweetheart if you want to talk
If not, guess what, you get fucked
Painted on horns but a halo's what you got
Acting devilish get you burned on the spot

Spot, get you burned on the spot
Acting devilish get you burned on the spot
Yeah, get you burned on the spot

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