BONES - GoOnWithoutMe

Текст песни: GoOnWithoutMe

My mind, I done lost it, the line, I been crossed it
The time has been tossed in TheDeadMansTrunk and locked in
I'll show you how to not be the trash I done hopped in
The garbage is my habitat, I work it like I'm clocked in
Stop all the talk, Bones need it silent
Bet the switchblade make 'em take a vow of silence
Step to the alliance, the outcome you won't like it
Feelin' somethin' like icewatch, just wait until that light hit
Different angles, life in shambles
Spark the dope and then I light the candles
Trying to hang with my emotions
Like catching a fly in the night blindfolded
That's too hard to do, soon you'll know the truth
Ruin me and you, everything you knew
I came from the glove, I came from the mud
You come from the hills, ain't shit about you real

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