Bones - Hazardous

Текст песни: Hazardous

What, SESH, Bones
The Ghost
Yeah, devilish shit, see?
Know I mean?
What, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what?

[Verse 1]
Happiness, I ain't having it (having it)
I am not death, I am what's after it (after it)
Fucked up the plans on accident (accident)
Bones on top that's hazardous (hazardous)
We will teach you two to be back for me (back for me)
Rip it like a blunt on accident (accident)
So I have to dismantle you carefully
Me I haven't even been there for me
High 'fore you die, razor dipped in the ketamine
Spent my day smoking nights dreaming of a better me
Something you ain't ever seen, I ain't with the big of me
I just know it's funny cause I'm yet to be good to me
Seeing how far I can go on E
Without ever gassing up or trying to speed
The plot telling me this the season to bury 'em
Had the heart to go along, but no more time for sparing 'em

[Verse 2]
You fucked your life the day you ever thought to snake me (yeah)
Fuck a VHS, reframe your life in HD (it's you)
I'm insane, be exchanging USD (see?)
You older than me? Then why you struggling like you sixteen (bitch)
Don't ever try the SESH (SESH)
You'll need more than your best (best)
Fast forwards and seen you next (next)
I'm taking more than flesh, yes

SESH, bitch

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