Текст и слова песни LowResDreams - BONES

Текст песни: LowResDreams


Young JC Denton, I forgot to mention my augmented vision
Shut the case, pass the mission, then I cause a fissure
Came down to Earth and cleared the game in an instant
Pixelated visions render my sight worthless
Low res dreams make we wake with purpose
All my thoughts buffering, my brain ain't workin'
Hands still rollin', robotic for certain
Program flawed, tell me please what to do now
Back of the car, still rollin' around with the crew (wow)
I don't know how I got this far (no)
Turned the reason that they hate to the reason that they call
Ring, ring, ring, dial tone can't get it (no)
At the tone leave your details in a message
Press and delete, then tell you I never get it
Encounters with the SESH, I'll let you know when you ready
Money owns everything, you know (what?)
Shake being controlled and I'll think about taking calls
Known to make it dark like F1 (one)
Left just to escape, but you have yet to get far
Yappin' about a set, but you have yet to rep one (one)
Try to stray way, but you still my stepson (son)

Truthfully, you are the ugliest fucking son a father can have
And it's a-, it's a damn shame you look like that, son

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