Текст и слова песни MirrorMirrorOnTheWall - BONES

Текст песни: MirrorMirrorOnTheWall

Hit the lights, I cause a fright, I got 'em shook and stirred
Nightmare, diamonds bitin', blindin', fill them nights with terrors
They see the team, they get confused so they just look and stare
Too many questions, spare me on the who, what, when and where
Now just looky here, my neck a chandelier
I skate across like Yzerman on water, clear just like a pier
Tell your bitch here, don't mind her man
Try to find her and I appear
Try to lie to me and I will tear your body and hang you like a deer
Naughty by nature, smokin' danger
I will put a rope on your neck like Flava
Everybody know how it go, don't save her
Say you make these cats act pussy with the laser
Bitch, you couldn't bang shit, let alone raise it
Rap shit trash and your whole crew shady
Pussies get lazy the second that they made it
Gotta keep it movin', gotta keep the trail-blazin'

I see my reflection and I see why they hate me
(What, what, what, what)
We, we doin' plenty while they, they doin' nothin'

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