Текст песни Bones - Nightshift

Слова песни: Nightshift

Bones casually increase the casualties
No, I never heard of your shit, don't bother asking me
I respawn back in my tomb, six feet of dirt on me
Drag myself out of where the worms and the vermin be
I thrive under odd circumstances
Used to pass out cashed, stomach singing like the Hansons
Dirt roads made me something you can't handle
The snow turn me cold, forever enchanting
Skeleton magic blade the attachment
You must be cracked if you think your shit smacking
We know the truth and you know the fable
I'm coming down hard no words no label
I just wake up, and it's over for your stable
Don't matter where you sit I turn the tables
Brain dead blunts got be feeling unable
Modern day pack got my lungs looking ancient
Eyelids shut, deep breath out in nature
Bet I break you bad news bet that you won't say shit
I know I'm the reason that you sweatin' trying to make shit
Can't nobody hear you if you never really saying shit (what)

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