Текст песни Bones - SG553

Слова песни: SG553

What the fuck's a co-sign, I sign myself
I sign myself, yeah, SESH
I sign myself, I sign myself, yeah
I sign myself, what, SESH

[Verse 1]
What the fuck's a co-sign, I sign myself (I sign myself)
Climb the ladder to the top, came down with the belt (belt, belt)
Came down with the ice (ice, ice)
That's white on white (white on white)
I'm gone for the night (night, night)
My blade don't bite (blade don't bite)
My neck is a light show (light show)
And you ain't invited (you ain't invited)
She wanna one night it (wanna one night it)
I want to get higher (higher)
Straight up to Mars (straight up to Mars)
I'll be back in the fall (be back in the fall)
I'm too much to charge
I want a hearse, you want wraith with stars (what)

SG553, zoom in and crop you out the picture (phew-phew)
A split on you bitches, creepin' cat I hear 'em whisper (what?)
Ice on me, too much frostbitten, pendants make me shiver (uh)
Boy don't make me kill you, young gravedigger with that switcha (SESH)

[Verse 2]
It's like everybody done switched up (uh)
Whole damn game done flipped upside down lay down
I don't like this shit bitch now it's a stick up (phew-phew)
It's just a hiccup (what, what)
It's time to get rid of (what, what)
These pussies that think they hot and winning (SESH, SESH, SESH, SESH, what)

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