BONES & Curtis Heron - ShortCircuit (Текст и слова песни)

Текст песни: ShortCircuit


I like when the lights are down low
I stay with a permanent frown, oh
DeadBoys are always around, oh (ah)
Watch what come out when your mouth move
Say that you're about it we doubt with you
Put you six feet in the ground, ooh (ooh)
Moon in the sky, its a gorgeous night (gorgeous)
Bones in the dark, that's a horrifying sight
Got the team upon your knot
Quick to change your pace
Try to be in good graces now that we face to face
Struggling check to check you smokin' eighth to eighth
Bitch I'm SESH, what else I really gotta fuckin' say?
GraveyardGod show up and drown the wave and
Give 'em each a grave
Grate up on my side and inhibit me from ever catching phase, what

Hold up, wait a second, give me space, okay
I come from a land where there's no SunnyDays
Hold up, wait a second, give me space, okay
I promise I won't let my name go in vain

Dope in the traffic
You been the has been
We doing fantastic, swear life is something magic
Rolling something drastic, posted in the cabin
TeenWitch boots hang above the fire to dry up from the last trip
I don't leave much, so when I do I make it lasting
Stock piling food like I'm waiting for disaster
You don't treat your team right, they bout to leave your ass, quick
Take a second, focus on the task, let me ask quick
"Do you want it? Cause you see nothing scared it
And think that you got what it takes to get it and fit in
Bitch, you're mistaken" (right, right, you're mistaken)

There's no other lyrics, I just...
I just wanted you know you're fucking mistaken, your shit is fucking...
Garbage, trash, garbage

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