Текст песни: THUG LIFE

[Intro: Kevin Abstract, bearface]
I gotta get that bag
It's a thug life, it's a thug life
I gotta get that bag (Run, sha-na-na-na-na-sha-ah)
It's a thug life (la-da-da-da)
It's a thug life (it's a, oh-uh-oh)
Ooh-ah (Sha-na-na-na-na-na-sha-ah)
La-da-da-da (It's a— oh-uh-oh)

[Verse 1: bearface]
Try to treat man like baby
Feel the teeth sink in like rabies
Boy you know you don't look fly
Dem gold chains turn your neck green, bye

[Verse 2: Dom McLennon]
It's different reconciling with skeletons I ain't know that I possessed
I sought perfection out in ways I no longer accept
I understand what I neglect in times when I obsess
I’m learning to confess, this fate is harder to digest
The biggest threat I’m up against is who I face in my reflection
Depression still an uninvited guest, I'm always accepting
Can’t help but meet the feeling with a familiar embrace
When I know that it’ll kill me if I give into my brain
I see the shadows inside, they ten feet tall with no eyes
They put my head in the water and it’s so beautiful under
The sun reflecting off the corals, colors I can’t describe
To make the darkness divine

[Outro: bearface]
(La-da-da-da) It's a, oh-uh-oh
(La-da-da-da) It's a, oh-uh-oh

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