Busta Rhymes - Strap Yourself Down

Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God

Текст песни: Strap Yourself Down

I got somethin' real heavy to lay on you, man
Now that's what I need
Can you dig it? (1, 2)
Can you dig it? (Uh)
Can you dig it? (1, 2)

[Part I]
Talk shit every time I talk
To the top-tibbity-tower 'cause I talk serious
Top floor, bitch, with a top fleet
Feast over niggas with sharp teeth, full-time, get it
'Cause I go and get wild high, rah (Rah)
Water drop-drip, see how we slide?
Big broad titty they droop, seek the bitch all in the coupe
Jealous niggas, you don't want me to shoot (Drop it off)
Bong-bing, bi-dong-bong
Think you're listening to the wrong song? (Bing-bong-pow)
Full-time niggas, eh? Who? How?
Bang niggas 'til they all go sing, what you gonna do now?
We don't allow foes here now
Watch lil' nigga, we about to go sell it
Beat niggas down to the ground (Make 'em regret it)
And yell it it, we can never do wrong, I sell it
Fuck around (Mhm)
Wanna play a little game of death? Hold on
Take it up, take it up, cool cool?
I'ma kick you in your gut and be makin' you wanna doo-doo
Take a man into Shangri-La
Shorty then became the big strangler
Black Maybach Dracula
Then everything I do is spectacular (Part 2)

God's sake, strap yourselves down

[Part II]
Back, bro, bliggidy-blah, bliggidy-blah (Blah)
Blah (Rah), nigga, you fraud, gimme your broad (Broad)
Bitch, gimme the keys to cities
Let me dig deep, feelin' like Slick Ricky D's and
It's the god givin' you raw (Raw)
Shit got you smashin' your truck, crashin' your car (Car)
Aw shit, homie, you see? And, oh, you don't say? (Don't say)
I been killin' this bitch, homie, we don't play (Don't play)
Sinkin' shit down, get on the floor (Floor)
Yeah, niggas dig how we dig it down to the core (Core)
Earned the right of passage, that's why I'm givin' you more (More)
Pure, bitch, I'm the flyest you ever saw (Saw)
Bad bwoy givin' you heat, see it in the street
And fuck niggas up, lil' bitch, you think it's sweet?
Confuse niggas, bug on the shit I do to a beat (Beat)
And bruise niggas, watch how I cruise niggas to sleep (Sleep)
Infuse niggas, watch how they knock it all in they Jeep (Jeep)
A few paparazzi won't catch me on when I creep (Creep)
I move Kamikaze when paparazzi is deep (Deep)
Include kemosabes, you carbon copies is weak (Ayy)
While I give you a trick or treat (Treat)
You weak motherfuckers, I got you under my feet (Feet)
You sleep on a nigga, that's when you niggas are weak (Weak)
Everything you sow, that's when niggas know shit is deep (And, and)
Break your back and split your spleen
Bunch of angry police officers when they step on the scene
They get even more angry when I be countin' this cream
'Til I got these niggas shoutin', the way I'm out in the steam (Steam)

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