Busta Rhymes - The Purge

Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God

Текст песни: The Purge

Sorry, country, I know you don't want this really, but
'Til we get us some justice, we fucking every city up
Drastic measures is urgent, the city burn like Philly blunts
Crazy like we jumpin' off the little yellow mini bus
You for my people? 'Cause you niggas movin' really sus
No, we ain't playing with them, really, trust
You see them cities burning like chimneys, you better know it's really us
The clock was finally winding down, your time was really just
To feel the wrath of God no matter how your door was really shut
Deep in my soul, is justice really cut?
I'm only tryna be my peoplе's clutch
Hypertension I mention, thе temperature is different (What?)
This wouldn't have happened, now you witness blood
You motherfuckers better listen up
'Cause now we out here fighting for what's right like we don't give a fuck

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