Текст и слова песни Across the Earth - Chelsea Grin

Текст песни: Across the Earth

Dearly beloved
I’m writing this letter in hopes that it reaches you in time
I’ve lived in darkness for so long that my heart beats no more
And the only light I seek is an undying flame across the earth
I watch the horror, it sickens me
You all know nothing of misery
The sound of hate, it’s deafening
This world means nothing to me
I am the bringer of ends
I am the bearer of night
All of your greed and your gluttony
Now you all must die
No one can run
No one can hide
Nowhere to turn
Your fate I decide
This reckoning in my eyes
Pray for the end of times
Filled with the worms of decay
Your skin shall perish in vain
A world cloaked in lies will face its demise
With illness and agony, I’ll watch humanity die

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