Chelsea Grin - Outliers

Текст песни: Outliers

They all think they can tell us how
To live and breathe and shut our mouths and sit down
You get in line or you get put down
Don’t wanna see us now
Don’t wanna hear us now
So follow me and we’ll live cast out
We never wanted to be like them so fuck you
You can’t save us
We never needed you
You can’t change us
We never wanted to
You, you’re gonna be a failure
Soon you’re gonna realize
No I’ll never be ashamed
No, No I’m never gonna hide
You keep making me sick
Well I’m sick of your pride
You’re such a fucking waste in my eyes
We can see your lies
We can smell your fear
Can you hear me now?
Chelsea Grin M-tech 137 14.07.2018

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