Curren$y - Foreign Summers

Текст песни: Foreign Summers

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Bulletproof the windows, give me the fog lights
Riding with this lady tiger, all night
Rollie on my left, because my money always right
Created a legend with my life, and I'm still going
Coming down still holding
Steering wheel wood and my rims golden
Foreign scrapers to operate you need a translator
Interior laid you would think I hired a decorator
Spectators waiting to watch, anticipate each shot
From the top of the key, might stop and pop for 3
That's me balling division 1 stunt at summer league
Park them big ass Hummers on the court, torch weed
I get money where the Porsche's be
Rapple it, stash and repeat, cause I'm an athlete
Training to maintain ready to compete
These keys being released into the street
Fiends can't sleep they listen til' they O.D
It's the sweetest thing but at the same time it stings
Cash and diamonds got these peasants pretending to be kings
It ain't hard to tell, them diamonds real but they rating very low on the scale
That's not clarity, that's just embarrassing
What type of jeweler carry those things?

[Verse 2: T.Y.]
Uh, look
We don't move unless the money right and that's law
Everything in motion we ain't slowing down for none of y'all
Everything I'm smoking come from the High Times Awards
Burning en route, that way I know I'm high when I'm on board
100 thousand on the floor, you gotta walk right
You gotta make sure your pimping strong at all times
Lean with the Sprite, marinite my ice
If I got you in my circle then I expect you to ride
Court in the morning and I probably don't arrive
You know one thing niggas never on time
Reputation on the line, well known in these streets that I ride
Well off Jet, Free C-Style
I could smoke a whole jernt in a mile
You could smell it through the plastic right now
Yea I'm strapped if you asking right now
So be careful what you asking for
I two-piece your homeboy then I smack your hoe
I brought like 50 grand with me to the corner store
I be up in the same spot if you wan' come for more
My foot on they neck, making it real uncomfortable
Don't be coming around talking 'bout something you dont know
Speak when you spoken to

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