Текст песни Curren$y feat. Larry June - Pay Scale

Слова песни: Pay Scale

[Intro: Curren$y]
Same shit we been doin'
Stackin' paper we used to it

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Chicken Fried Rice in the back of the Phantom
My brother in the venue still mackin' the dancers
I'm overseeing the money counting the transaction
Combination safe stashing, money addiction my passion
I got a stackin' habit, I must have it
Lust cabbage, looking at money like it's a bad bitch
Hand full of that ass when I smash its a blast
In the middle of the bank having a flashback
Try to keep up with me, that Bobby and Whitney
Clyde and Bonnie, Hov and Beyonce
A hundred million dollars my fiancee
Smoke screens til' the paparazzi off the scene
Just when they had thought they got me
Escaped then dropped a tape, shot the video on my estate
Medium well steaks on Versace plates
Silverware not even silver this is 14K
Watch how you act where you at and a real playa might let you stay

[Verse 2: Larry June]
Fresh home from Tokyo I'm thumbing through Yen
Take them Gucci's off when you walk in my crib
I spend like 30 bitch this ain't tens
Heated toilet seats Dom P in the fridge
Rose gold voice on a Rollie I'm him
Purified water on my way to go swim
My bitch get money bring it back to a pimp
My Japanese denim she toss ten in them
For a week I went vegan but took the bitch fishing
Before a bitch get the dick she gotta sign a petition
Air Max 94s, same watch as Biggie
On my way to San Jo to go and check this chicken
What's happenin'

[Outro: Larry June]
Nigga we don't just rap about this shit nigga
If she look she took, you know what I'm saying
Something slight, aye bitch hand me that motherfucking money counter hoe
Thank you
You doing good

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