Текст песни Curren$y - Prize Money

Слова песни: Prize Money

Heist in broad day light
Shattered the glass
Popped the wheelie on the motorbike
These hoes was out of sight
My hitters were close by
Your shooters was no-shows
Now your hands been exposed
We know what you want bro
Waterin' the lawn
Just Don shorts and a Polo rope
Terror claw, throwing a tennis ball
Playing fetch with my dogs
Doing what I say I do in my music
One of the truest
Word to C-Murder, made the law see murder
Pull up in the newest
Clouds are the loudest
Coming out it when I open the door
Its like a smoke bomb exploded
Not worried about a bitch though
Its just how much weight that bitch hold
Is your name ringing in the strip club
Can you bring us more hoes
Tryna have the fliest horses anyone ever rode
In the stable and ready to race to bring the prize money home

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