Curren$y - Targa

Текст песни: Targa

German two-seaters, outside the dealer smoking reefer
Reading the blue prints plotting on a million
Four empty vaults in the ceiling that hold a quarter a piece waiting for me
When the mission complete, we stash and roll more weed
We don't splurge, we converge
Had to get more part audio birds served without all them being disturbed
Cause some people hate and it's not deserved
It's just they lives bullshit so it's yours they concerned with
Pull up in that, I pull up in this, I went home, switched, and did it again
Just to make 'em sick, hoe that's what you get
Slept on the livest nigga woke up at the bottom of the river
Swimming with the fishes
I'm at the La Meridian learning to play tennis on a racketball court
Like no disrespect intended, what's the difference
We just living, my flow different so my doughs bigger
Rolls Royce doors swivel open like a pair of scissors
She had her man with her but she don't remember
Slid me the digits we could link up in a minute
Say she from Memphis, down here for a week staying at the extended
Swiping cards furnish the lil' homie crib got him couches and televisions
She in love with a nigga so she stay going on missions
Parachuting for the loot what I say she do
I could coach 'em to show 'em or disown 'em and play like I don't know 'em
Smoking her open, roaming her ocean
California got it and I love 'em for it
Provide me with that high I need to set my pen on fire when I write
I put it down for the Jet Life like every time
When I come through I do it and take yo' shine
This is mine, truth is deeply rooted in my rhymes, you just lyin'
Them cars you talk about you never seen and never drive
Them cars I talk about I smoke weed in and eat cheese fries

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