Current 93 - The Milkmaid Sings

Текст песни: The Milkmaid Sings

Your name is not at all the same
As when you dreamt in bed
Your name is quiet and still whilst you move at night
Your name is singing like the sweet birds
As the light is leaving you all
Score the witch above the breath that falls from that mouse
The sleep falls over the stars
And softly knocks the policeman of your door
Whilst the milkmaid sings home
On the bank the barge sighs softly
Over the lake the birds sing sweetly in the dust
That name masks slowly over moss
Whilst the red skies bolt towards the hill
See the cattle gently lowing the land so sweet on grass
A thousand dead horses hover over their skulls
Stretch over red hill and cover
The staircase over the drain
A thousand witches softly spelling the locale's slide and click, kick and hooves
Life bright and their killed listens in the drain
The birds slowly sing sweet songs
Far away, the red barn glows
A thousand witches hover over bush and tree and hedge
And the light is leaving us all