Current 93 - The Policeman Is Dead

Текст песни: The Policeman Is Dead

The light is leaving us all
West street, where shutters shut dark
The flowers flow and sing in the drift
The light is leaving us all
And in the night, the cuckoo's call
To the light that is leaving us all
Far away the red barn burns
Oh, Rose, you are dead
And around you the storm kicks her heels
And sucks the light which is leaving us now
And I hear the steps in the night
And I catch the beats of my heart

And the lantern is blinding
And bright burn the wedges in our eyes
And the light is leaving us all
A long lane, where we fall into the causeway
I heard the stars split open
By the post, by the moon, by the chapel
Call the surgeon
But the surgeon is dead
Call the policeman
The policeman is dead
And the moon is drunk
And the nightness is sick
And the murder is dead
The assembly is killing time
And the clock has slowed to sugar
By the way, have you heard?
The light is leaving us all
So may I record you
The light is leaving you now
Sly days, sleep and fly
Little villages dropped down
And sleep dull dreams full of milk

Till you open up the curtains
And observe, and obey
She opens up her eyes
And she knows your name
The light is leaving us all
We are marked and we are maimed
Beyond the bar where the young girl stumbles and falls
Between her toes, flowers grow
And on her eyes, flowers die
And from her womb, the light is leaving a child
And gunshot, and knife
Choke her neck and bury her in dead tree
Or fall her to the floor
The light is leaving her [?]
Always and utterly
In the mud, her plimsoll ghost
And the candle burns in the floor
Hope that must sing on
The light is leaving us all
Over in the sun, the ice [?] trip
And by the sea shore the children skip

Watch the ice cream
Watch the maiden
Watch the killer strong
And please read the first book
Consider the fall
The light is leaving us all