Current 93 - The Postman Is Singing

Текст песни: The Postman Is Singing

From the beaks of the birds
Who are sweetly singing
The birds are calling
For their sweet ship home
The Lord is on the storm
He is the storm
And deep in soft sea
The cats arise
You turned to me and said
"I know your name"
And then you said
"I go there
And I walk here
And I walk there"
See the cat on the lap
She knows your name
And purring gorgeously
She sees your shame
And on all the hills I am still
Butter and honey and shoals of angels
Circle my eyes
And sweetly sing
That the light
Is leaving us all
Dark arrows dart above
The horsies are high
The stars are firing
Her eyelids closed
For the light is leaving us all
And the birds are softly falling
And the light is leaving us all

The birds are singing slowly
The moon [?] face
And the postman is singing
And the sweeper is singing
The sun is not shining
Her eyes are in stars
But down in the train
The light is leaving us all
So bind your head
Then bite your lip
As you slip into sleep
And slip on your trip
On the way to your house
On your throne and your bone
But the light has left your eyes
The seahorses drowning
The darkness stalks songbird
Songbirds are singing
Sweetly and softly
The robin is singing
The toy has grown in the dark
The spirit is singing
So cozy and wet
When you turn out your light
[?] in your bedroom
When you turn out your light
The lights fold into centuries
And the golden calf yawns
The light is leaving it all

And I pick flowers and waited for the rain to sink into me
So excuse my saying
I have seen that you're lying
Under this moon
I have to spell out the truth
I can tell
The light has left you
And the sweet songbirds babble on
Of a Babel and the gates of gods

And their light has left them all
There are thousands of witches
High in the skies

One thousand suns sinking
One thousand suns singing
One thousand stars blinking
The voice on the Stellaphone says
The light's leaving you all
As the birds are singing
The light is leaving you all