DJ Sava feat. Misha Miller - Wild Fire

Текст песни: Wild Fire

Wild Fire
Wild Fire
Wild Fire
Wild Fire

Yeah, oh no, I'm ready
Yeah, let's go
Your girlfriend at my next show, OVOXO nigga
Haha, yeah

Uh, wassup?
Real nigga doing real stuff

Get alot of money you could never get enough
And you know the new shit sound so tough

So and so just walked in... so what?
I don't really vibe with alot of these niggas
I ain't really into giving more than one chance girl
I already tried with alot of these niggas, fuck that

That can't be what they believing is the best shit of the year
That's that fake shit, that's that fake shit
That's that top row of veneers
Just when they getting impatient is when I make a world premiere
Uh, damn, word?
Award shows coming? Make sure you spell that shit right
Make sure to give me all the credit I deserve

Make sure the good stuff still in that Sprite
They watch us make the shit into the song
You ain't livin' that boy, stop stealin' that life
Anything can happen when I do see ya
Guess it all depend how I feel on that night
Live my life in hotels, bitch better have my room right
If they kill me, bury me a legend, bitch better have my tomb right
Ah, this is perfect for the women that I loved before
I love em all, I just love me more

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