Dream On, Dreamer - Paper Thin

Текст песни: Paper Thin

Paper thin, they say it always ends like this. There’s stains now on your cheeks clenched fist now I’ll take the risk and tell you I’m leaving. I need you to ask your heart about it. Keep your head up. There’s only so much I can do. I see you when I dream about it. Wrap your hands around, it only takes the void from you. A feeling, I can live without it. I think it’s time to move on before we come undone. Just tell me how you end up in sadness. I hate to see you, see you like this all the time You controlled me already, destroyed everything about me. ‘Cause I just want to feel like home again. If seeing is believing. Some things in life don’t always need explaining. This feeling is changing. You gotta find the freedom in just leaving it all behind

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