Faithless - Take Your Time

Текст песни: Take Your Time

Don't be in such a hurry
Don't be what they thought
You're a train at the station that doesn't stop
You are strong in your silence
You were louder than life
Don't hold on to anger that isn't yours

Just take your time
And I'll take mine
And take your time

Don't make yourself worried
Hold onto what's yours
Be still and take notice
Of the ones you love
With he moon in your pocket
The universe at your command
With every window open
You'll understand

Just look up about you
See what you have
Look up about you
And take your time

Just take your time
And I'll take mine
And take your time

Let's pause for a minute
And realise that patience is your virtue
It's the moments you let go
The ones you rush through
That tend to hurt you
Let's stay a little longer
Let's stare at the stars
Past curfew
Lets watch the seeds grow into trees
And then blossom into flowers
Take time to smell the roses
Freeze the moment, poses
Sometimes it's better when you peel back time layer by layer
Take every moment
And savour the flavour
Of the past, the present and the days that will last forever
Seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years

Just take your time

How about we live in the spaces in between that no hourglass can measure
So lets pause for a minute
Let's pause for a minute
And take our time

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