Fool's Garden - New World

Текст песни: New World

[Verse 1]
It ́s a new day
Now the morning is breaking
In the light of the sun you can find
A new way
When the world is awaking
You can leave all the darkness behind
Anyone of us
Anyone can fail
Don ́t you be afraid

[Verse 2]
It ́s a new day
In the break of the dawning
The needle returns to the start
A new chance
While the night veils are falling
You can open your eyes and your heart
Anything can be
Don ́t you be afraid
See that skies of blue
Will return to you today
And say

It ́s a new world
It ́s a new world
It ́s a new life
You just have to get in

And you see the whole world
With the eyes of a child
And she sends you the light
That you need to survive
It ́s the day you can get everything that you need
When you try to be yourself

It ́s a new world (everything can be)
It ́s a new world (anything you need)
It ́s a new life (anything)
You just have to get in

It`s a new day
And the sun will be shining
For the rest of your glorious life

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