Текст песни (слова) Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist - Skinny Suge

Skinny Suge

Young cocaine
Go to sleep, like
See the Grim Reaper and the nigga said, you know what I'm sayin'
Yeah-yeah, yeah

Like every night I dream a nigga tryna murder me
Visions of my loved ones dialin' 9-1-1, emergency
'Cause I decked a nigga and took his work, man, I made it work for me
If he come back and kill me, I know this shit was business, man, I never take it personally
Skinny black nigga, rich off rap, sweat on my own back
Niggas ain't show me how to cook, had to fuck up my own batch
Dumb high, Marty McFly
Put down the crack, bet on myself
Like I went back to the future with a rap almanac
Had powder on my table, the label called for they offer back
Harry on my line, I ain't got his bread, I can't call him back
Plus I got a show, the promoters ain't got the dough for that
These losses set me back, man, I'm literally sellin' dope to rap
How can a nigga cope with that?
Man, my uncle died off a overdose
And the fucked up part about that is I know I supplied the nigga that sold it
Put a pistol to my head, I was way too scared, drunk off emotions
I'm drinkin' and takin' these drugs 'cause I can't numb the pain with smokin'
Loner but I hate to be lonely
I fuck a bitch, she fall in love, but I just wanna be homies
If I fall off or get locked up she might just fuck on the homies
Most niggas die over love for a bitch or havin' trust in they homies
A skinny black nigga, rich off rap
My nigga baby mom a fiend, can't keep his bitch off smack
She called the police, now he doin' seven years for a sack
He told me look after his kids, then a week later that bitch turned up whacked
It's just the code, nigga (Yeah)
I pray Allah protect my soul, nigga
Lord give me the strength to ignore the things I can't control, nigga (Fear)
'Cause I was livin' by the code, nigga, yeah

That's how we feel, if we die
It's like, we go kill one of them
****, one of them die
'Cause they down for it, they had get took out
Then they came back
And then it's a feud 'til they don't want no more
'Til everybody just drop it

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