Galimatias - Sinner

Текст песни Sinner

[Verse 1]
When I met my shadow, it's when I learned the truth
I'm not being honest, if it's easier to move
Throw my lies on you (Ooh, ayy, yeah)
There's things that you should know about (About)
Like why am I falling from you?
I don't wanna hurt you, that's my vindication too (Too)
Throw my lies on you (Throw my lies on you, throw my lies on you, throw my lies on you)


[Verse 2]
It's about trust (It's about trust)
I should not pivot on you
How am I a-
How am I a sinner for two? (I wanna know)
Put me in check (In check)
When I come, when I need you
All on my dick (All on my dick)
Playback that shit that that's view, ooh
Picture perfect, low cut
Tryna supernova
Let me see you glow up
Creeping up, corona
I've had my introspection
I need your affection
This is my confession (This is my confession, my confession, my confession)

[Instrumental, Guitar Solo and Orchestral Ensemble Solo]

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