Harry Hudson - Chapter 3 (Interlude)

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Y'know the fact that you got sick and the fact that you had to face that, I would argue, even though it must've been horrifying going through that. I would say that that's probably the greatest gift you ever gave yourself 'cause so many people are so afraid to die that they live their-, they barely live their life 'cause they're uh-, if you're afraid to die, you're afraid to live. In truth, every moment is a dying, every moment is the end of your life as who you were and the beginning of your new life as how you choose to be so the secret of life is to die, die a lot. Don't let death be a one time thing ,you know what I mean? Don't wait 'till the end of your life. Die right now and in each moment you see you're born again. You recreate yourself anew and the next version of the greatest vision you have ever held about who you are, thats the whole purpose of life
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