High on Fire - Spewn from the Earth

Текст песни: Spewn from the Earth

Spewn from the earth
Deep in Terra's girth
Old ones from below, once the spell awakens
Comes the armies never known
Goliath now awakens
Fallen Babel's wraiths
Lost the golden age
Tramples at the temple, once the people are enslaved
Gone insane
Feel the ancient wrath
Gone Insane
Lords of the pasts
Wicked kings prevail
Behemoth slumber failed
Loins of Annukiah, procreate the evil
AS their beastly races thrive
Return the arcane throne
Of Gilgamesh's clone
Og shatters the veils
Brings the whip of fire, and will rape and copulate
Kings to Copulate
Giants seed
Buried in the mountains
Cryogenic lines
Rejuvenate the terror of old and scourge again with fire
(repeat 1st verse)