Iceage - Beyondless

Текст песни: Beyondless

If you want it, I'll give you an anchor
If you don't, I'll set you to sea
But should you ask me
For those truest of loves
I'd have to set you free

If you want to listen, hear the wind through my willows
If you want to cry, then cry at my feet
But if you think I am that pillar which you needed
Believe me, dearest, it ain’t me


I was going to stray, to the backwoods and boondocks
Be a bullet that ricochets, hits its target then recoils away
Held up for a little while, until I procrastinated
Wandered back to the throngs and the streets

Vagrant in the throes of this city
As it rises or descends to its deeps
At times there is no place too low to enter
Perfectly lost at sea internally


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