Текст песни Jake Shears - Everything I'll Ever Need

Слова песни: Everything I'll Ever Need

Sometimes I feel like I’m a stranger to myself
Walk past a mirror and think I’m someone else
Not sure just who I am without you anymore
But that’s alright, still ain’t opened every door

Stuck in your fishbowl where I swam so aimlessly
One streamlined vision with a goldfish memory
One day you threw me back and found another kind
But that’s alright, there’s an ocean in my mind

I got everything I’ll ever need
Couldn’t find the answer when I lost you to the breeze
Why keep waiting on your affection
Love’s inside of me
I’ve got everything I’ll ever need

I sleep with pillows piled around me like a cloud
Pretending that they’re you has never made me proud
Maybe it’s just a phase
I fold my hands and pray for better days

These things I see when I sit staring at the walls
I’m watching epic costume drama scenes unfold
Maybe I’ve lost my mind
But there’s no black or white
Gradations undefined
Why’s the light so bright when love is blind?

I pronounce the breaking of the spell
Nothing gets you down
Nothing kills you softly like yourself

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