Текст песни (слова) Jan Blomqvist - Suicide Spaceship

Suicide Spaceship

If we get out of here
Isn't it a long way home?
We aren’t safe here
You're right

And there's no angel
Who will arrive, here
To keep us alive, here

Almost too late now
C’mon, we better run, run, run
Turn the machines on, 
my son
We've been sent on
A mission from
 the dark to the sun
So here we're done, c'mon

Turn around now
Llittle pilot, move on
Broken suicide space-ship
Carry on
Stop to believe in Major Tom
He's gone
He didn't take us tho
We're wrong

So let's get home, yeah
Autopilot, c’mon
Your algorithm is wrong
We are not
 a program
That can be run

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