Текст песни (слова) Lamb of God - On the Hook

On the Hook

[Verse 1]
A dead silver spoon with needles in his skin
Rode a pale horse down from Afghanistan
Tears in the suburbs, mothers praying for their damned
Death has crept into their zone of the promised land

[Pre-Chorus 1]
But just before each plague
The clearest prophecies
Pandora's box in backwoods pharmacies
A contract to die

Prescription for a homicide
A generation on the hook
Addicted and commodified
Prescription for a homicide

[Verse 2]
Narcotic economics for the miner’s sons
The seams went bust so long ago with nowhere else to turn
Strip mine the veins, drill the abscess dry
Incentives for the architects of their genocide

[Pre-Chorus 2]
We've seen this all before
In a different shade
The Dark Alliance shifts to the modern age
A contract to die

Prescription for a homicide
A generation on the hook
Addicted and commodified
Prescription for a homicide
Prescription for a homicide
They're never worth a second look
Addicted and commodified
Your prescription for a homicide

A contract to die
A contract to die
A contract to die
A contract to die
Die, die, die, die

Hippocratic hypocrites
Breaking oaths and cashing checks
Wrote an ocean’s worth of ink
Scripting a nation's disease
A systematic business plan
To broker death, increase demand
So flood the ghetto and starve the hills
Kill them all with crack and pills
Kill them all
Kill them all
(Vietnam, Iran-Contra, Park Avenue, OxyContin)

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